Piacere dei Traversi

Contact Person: Marisa Esparza
By phone/cell: +34 609 865 420
Email: info@piaceredeitraversi.com
Website: http://www.piaceredeitraversi.com

Repertoire: Renaissance

piacere FONT

Estil Concertant, Piacere dei traversi is an early music ensemble integrated by Carmen Botella (soprano), Silvia Rodríguez, Laura Palomar and Marisa Esparza (traversos) that performs Renaissance music by means of the Renaissance transverse flute consort-a sound experience as rich in nuances and colours as is rarely presented to the public-, feeling proud to be one of the few professional ensembles devoted to this specific instrumental combination existing in Europe.

Since its creation in 2012, Piacere dei Traversi has given concerts in different venues in Spain and has recorded the CDs Vita Christi d’Isabel de Villena and El mecenatge de Germana de Foix, virreina de València. Our musicians have been trained in early music performance in The Hague, Toulouse and Vienna.


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