Harmonia del Parnàs

Contact Person: Marian Rosa Montagut / Lorena Peugnet Díaz
By phone/cell: 692 210 636 / 963 827 665 / 617 553 319
Email:  difusión@harmoniadelparnas.com / comunicación@tempuscidm.com
Website: www.harmoniadelparnas.com / www.tempusdemusica.wordpress.com

Repertoire: Renaissance and Baroque

Harmonia del Parnàs performs works written prior to 1800 from various Spanish genres and composers to historically accurate standards an on period instruments, based on initial musicological research but without renouncing musical creativity. They have performed in prominent festivals, concert halls and institutions, premiering numerous works by J. Escorihuela, J. Pradas, P. Rabassa, U. de Vargas, etc.

Their modern premiere of the opera by M. Ferreira, El mayor triunfo de la mayor guerra stands out among their recent activity, as well as the recovery of lamentations and motets by G. Baban, G. Perez and A. T. Ortells in the opening ceremonies of the Year of San Juan de Ribera in April, 2011.

Part of this material is to be found among their four CDs.



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