Luz y Norte

Contact Person: Víctor Sordo
By phone/cell: 695 04 23 10

Repertoire: Renaissance and Early Baroque

Luz y Norte (Light and Way) refers to the 1677 work Luz y norte musical by the Burgos composer Lucas Ruiz de Ribayaz, preserved at the National Library of Madrid with the suggestive title of Musical Light and Way, for traversing the secrets of the Spanish guitar and harp, to play and sing in rhythm beside the organ, and a brief explanation of the Art, with simple and indubitable precepts, explained with clear rules for theory and practice.

The ensemble comes about thanks to the interest of each of its members in the idea of disseminating the vocal and instrumental repertoire, mainly from mainland Europe, of the Renaissance and Early Baroque, without discarding other interesting musical “adventures.”

Essentially composed of voice (tenor), viola da gamba or Baroque cello, and double or triple harp, its make-up is variable according to the demands of the program.

All of its members have ample training and experience as soloists and performing with other prestigious Early Music groups, guaranteeing a performance of the highest level.

The group made their debut in 2012 in the Manzanares el Real Concert Series, performing works of the Italian Renaissance in the Armory of the Palace.



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