Contact Person: José Duce Chenoll
By phone/cell: 607 272 783
Website: / Audio / Youtube

Repertoire: Baroque

AMYSTIS bn  baja resolucioÌ n

Amystis (Chamber corus) was founded in 2009 as a result of the members´ desire to share their passion for the vocal and instrumental music of Valencian Baroque. Since its beginning, the group has focussed on recovering and playing an unprecedented repertoire composed in a time period ranging from the late XVI century to the early XVIII century, while always reinventing and exploring new ways to please new audiences.

All the members of the group have extensive experience both as soloists and as part of the chorus and they often collaborate with major groups like the Choir of the Generalitat Valenciana, the Cathedral Choir of Valencia, Victoria Musicae, Estil Concertant or Capella Ministrers.

As far as the musicological aspect is concerned, the recording of the omnia opera of the vocal work of Joan Baptista Cabanilles and their concerts held at the Montesa Organ Festival, the Sant Martí Music Festival and the Church of Notre Dame de Vincennes (Paris) among others are playing an important role in raising awareness of both Spanish baroque and more specifically Valencian baroque music.


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