Cinco Siglos

Contact Person: Antonio Torralba Martínez
By phone/cell: 655 541 924
Website:  / Canal Youtube

Repertoire: Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque

Cinco Siglos foto web

Since its foundation in 1990, the group Cinco Siglos (Five Centuries) is devoted to the study and diffusion of the most unknown instrumental repertoires and its recitals have been successfully featured at the most prestigious festivals in Europe.

The group´s most outstanding recordings and those most widely recognized by the general public and critics alike have been: Unos tan dulçes sones (Such sweet songs) (1995), Dansse real (Royal Dance) (1996),  Músicas de la España mudéjar (Music from Mudejar Spain) (1997), Bel fiore dança (Pretty flower dance)(1999), Sones de sefarad (Songs from Sepharad) (2001), Iban tañendo (Playing while travelling) (2003), Una danza a sonare (The sound of a dance) (2003), Glosas nuevas sobre viejas danzas (New gloss over old dances) (2006), Sones de palacio, bailes de comedias (Songs from the palace, comedy dances) (2008) and Cuerdas mueve de plata (Plays silver strings) (2011). Cinco Siglos is currently preparing Músicas para la cámara de Isabel de Castilla (Music for the chamber of Isabel of Castile) in collaboration with the soprano Delia Agúndez.

Cinco Siglos also collaborated on the film by Carlos Saura, Iberia (2005) and the group´s research into repertoires, organology and musical iconography, etc. have had a significant influence on the ancient music scene.


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