Ensemble Allettamento

Contact Person: Mario Braña / Elsa Pidre
By phone/cell: +34 646 117 318 / +34 645 604 327
Email: ensemble.allettamento@gmail.com
Website: www.ensembleallettamento.com

Repertoire: XVII, XVIII

Pombo fotógrafos

The Ensemble Alletamento is a project of violinist Mario Braña and cellist Elsa Pidre which was born out of the union of a long musical experience together and their interest in Early Music. After completing the studies with A. Beyer, B. Chénier and M. Ceccato (Porto) and E. Onofri (Palermo) they were awarded the Special Audience Award in the 5th International Early Music Competition, Gijón and the Grand Jury Prize at the 6th edition. Taking this work as a starting point, they develop other projects which mainly cover the XVII and XVIII centuries and by means of which they intend to recover the less known musical heritage of the Iberian Peninsula. The Ensemble takes its name from the Alletamenti da Camera by Tessarini, one of the first works composed for violin and cello.
Repertorio: siglos XVII y XVIII