Windu Quartet

Contact Person: Eva Jornet
By phone/cell: +34 606 084 840 / +34 697 442 869 (English – Deutsch)


We like music and stage. We like people getting surprised by our performances and going back home with a smile. We look for originality and innovation, and with our proposal no one will be left indifferent. Lights, choreography, costumes and staging are outstanding. We don’t play just music. We don’t do just theatre. We do Windu!


Vicente Alcaide y Abraham Martínez

Contact Person: Vicente Alcaide Roldán
By phone/cell: +34 609 256 944 / +34 953 411 021
Website & Social Media: / Facebook / Youtube Channel / Promo video


Vicente Alcaide y Abraham Martínez

Vicente Alcaide and Abraham Martínez, trumpet and organ.

An interest for historical instruments and research on ancient music has brought these two musicians to create this ensemble. Their first album has been recorded in 2016 under the title “Clarines de Batalla” on IBS classical record company, with percussionist Álvaro Garrido and produced by the Italian master Igino Conforzi.


Contact Person: Rocío de Frutos Domínguez
By phone/cell: +34 627 711 982


Vandalia relates to the group’s Andalusian origins and also to its fresh approach to vocal chamber music, paying special attention to the Spanish repertoire. Its members are united by a common training within the Andalusian Baroque Choir under the direction of Lluís Vilamajó, Lambert Climent and Carlos Mena.

Regina Iberica

Contact Person: Inés Fernández Arias
By phone/cell: +34 677 55 10 50
Website: /


Regina Iberica 2015

The activities of Regina Iberica (1998, Laura Casanova) belong to a long work within Spanish Baroque music and singing. In 2015 should be highlighted the recording of “Los 12 músicos de Iriarte”. Also “Es el amor, ay, ay” and “Handel antes de ‘El Mesías’”. Their future projects include a tour around Macedonia, Slovenia and Croatia.

MUSIca ALcheMIca

Contact Person: Lina Tur Bonet
By phone/cell: +34 635 12 64 55
Website: / Facebook:

Musica Alquemica

The expressive power of Musica Alchemica, as well as their quality and accuracy on their interpretations of renowned works have been internationally praised. Repertoire includes works written by Bach, Handel, Biber, Corelli, Jacquet de la Guerre, Boccherini, Spanish music, Venetian Seicento and never-played from Legrenzi and Vivaldi.


L’entretien des clavecins

Contact Person: Eusebio Fernández-Villacañas
By phone/cell: +34 656 38 12 12
Email: /
Youtube Channel:

foto l'entretien des clavecins


They perform throughout Spain, Germany, Venezuela and Mexico.

In 2015 presents its program “Música en tiempos de Goya” at “Goya en Madrid” exposition at the Prado Museum, with totality of two harpsichord solo Concertos from Soler. These concerts are recorded for Brilliants Classics, release in 2016.

Locus Musicus

Contact Person: Carlos Zumajo Galdón
By phone/cell: +34 657 690 764 / +34 91 393 11 59
Youtube Channel:


Locus Musicus

Locus Musicus was created in 1997 and performs repertoire from the 6th to the 14th century on several programmes: Femina forma (female trobadours), Segreles (Galician-Portuguese trobadours), Solstitium (Christmas songs and dance), etc. Their record “El viaje del Navegante” was rated with 4 stars by Goldberg magazine.